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Worldwide SDR Map for VHF capable SDR's for SSTV from ISS

Click the map or this link.

The Interactive map is now complete as far as I can research VHF SDR's that cover 2m Low to reach the 145.800 frequency required for ISS SSTV transmissions.

If you know of any other SDR's around the World that supports VHF please send them to me and I will add them.

If you have no sound, many of the sires have a button to enable sound. You may need to translate the page to English. If there is no sound button, you will need to add the "allow sound" property in your browser whatever that might be.


Google Chrome: click the three dots in a line in the top RIGHT corner, click SETTINGS, click PRIVACY and SECURITY, click SITE SETTINGS, click ADDITIONAL CONTENT SETTINGS, click SOUND, click ADD in the ALLOW TO PLAY SOUND AREA, and copy the URL from the Browser to the field and click ADD. Go back to the browser and refresh the page and the sound will work.

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