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Back on Packet Radio

I have been away from packet for a long time. Thought I would give it another try.

I set packet back up for one reason. Winlink, however, I found that packet radio is still very much alive in N.C. I never thought that after 20 + years the network would be so large and busy outside of just Winlink email. Even the good ole days of Packet BBS is still going strong and now you can do it without any extra hardware. I set my new connection up with the Soundmodem software modem to start, and now I have pulled the old hardware out of storage. I hope to set up a packet node on 2 meters, 70 cm and 220 by next year. I have an old KPC-3 and a PK-232 I plan on using with the original radios I used all those years ago. I even found the old PC they were running on. I'm not sure the PC will even startup, but it might. Hopefully I can integrate a packet BBS into the Broad Band Ham Net I have running as well. Using the Software modem is great, but it has its problems. Good for checking the Winlink and logging into the BBS but it currently isn't something I would want to run all the time. The problem I have is with changing between the Winlink client and the terminal program. Once I use either one the other will not work until I restart the modem.

If you need any help contact me and I would be glad to help you get going on Packet Radio.

Below are all the links and tutorials you will need to on the air with packet radio.

Head on over to this website to download all the software you will need for Packet Radio. The same software modem will also get you up and running on Winlink. Winlink allows you to send and receive emails when you have no Interner service, right over your UHF/VHF/HF radio.

Once you are on this website simply download the SOUNDMODEM, and the EAST_TERM software. Both pieces of software are "portable" meaning they do not need to be installed on your computer. They simply work in the folder you decompress them into.

The guide to setting up the SOUNDMODEM software on the site is the best tutorial I have found to get on packet radio fast.

Web address:

Now that you are finished with Soundmodem get into the Easy_Term software. Click on SETTINGS, Station Setup, and fill in everything above TNC setup.

The Terminal software acts as a Beacon and Mailbox Callsign people that hear your signal can log into your mailbox and send you messages.

Next click on the Connect button.

Now you will need the identifier or callsign of the stations near you. You can find these by clicking the MHeard button. A list of all the stations you have heard will be shown. You may need to do some searching to figure which one is a BBS, or you could just try connecting to each callsign until you find it.

As shown above I am connecting to the CLTBBS via the NCCLY Digipeater. I can not reach the BBS from home so I bounce my signal through another packet station.


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